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At Minor Food, we prioritize our employees’ career growth.  Our people’s success equates to ours as a company. We motivate you to embark on challenges, surpass your personal limits and emerge unparalleled in whatever you set your hands to.

Through our various career advancement programs, you get to gain exposure to a real-world training ground where you will sharpen your resourcefulness and problem-solving abilities. We have ample jobs in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand, ready for you to take up the challenge. 

Our programs

With us, you can take your career higher. We have a variety of programs in supply chain management, human resource management as well as operations and restaurant management. These help develop your potential and groom you to be one of our future leaders.


Minor Business Leader Development Program

MLBD is a 12-month business leadership development program preparing senior management leaders for greater levels of responsibility. Participants will learn to hone their critical thinking skills, build the right team, embrace change and drive company performance. Target participants: Senior management talents (Directors, Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents and General Managers)


Sustainability Leadership Development Program

SLDP is a 9-month project-based assignment program for senior management talents. Participants will be trained to become holistic leaders capable of not only driving economic success, but also positive social and environmental impacts for Minor Food. Target participants: Senior management talents (Directors, Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents and General Managers)


Finance Academy Program

Our 6-month Minor’s Finance Academy Program prepares young financial and accounting managers across Minor groups to be equipped in solving complex problems in finance and accounting. Target participants: Young financial managers (Financial Controllers, Finance Managers/Directors, Accounting Managers/Directors, Tax Managers, Business Analysts, Investment Managers/Directors, IR and Strategic Planning Analysts)


HR Development Program

HR Academy is a 12-month customized human resource management program that develops HR professionals into strategic partners who can support long-term HR and business strategy. Target participants: HR directors and managers


New Generation Talent Development Program

The NGT Program is an 8-month talent and leadership development program that grooms high-performance young talents with a strong drive to achieve extraordinary business results. Participants will be equipped with skills in sharpening their potential and professionalism. Target participants: Emerging middle-management talents from all business units



Area Coach University

ACU is a leadership development program for frontline managers to further develop their leadership skills to be effective mentors. Target participants: Frontline managers (Area Coaches, District Managers and Operation and Restaurant Managers)


Meet Our People

We are driven by passion and a quest for perfection. The core values that guide our ongoing success as we strive to create new success stories and perfect our standing projects worldwide are - Performance, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

"You must believe you will make a change and impact to the organization."

Tanakritt Kittipanachol Marketing Director, Burger King

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