Did you know that you can pay an English teacher with bean sprouts?


This project was launched at the underprivileged primary school in Ang Thong with the aim of raising funding for better English instruction. The local agricultural community joined the programme to provide the farming know-how to the kids and school administration. They work together on a small farm at the school to teach kids how to plant, take care of and harvest these crunchy veggies. Each Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the bean sprouts are picked up and distributed all around Thailand to the different Coffee Club branches. Then, all of us unknowing consumers order a delicious plate of Pad Thai and voila! The cycle is complete. The money from the bean sprout sales go directly back to the school and fund better English education for these little farmers.

Shaping the future of food industry


Hackathon under the theme “Tasting The Future” to invite innovators around Thailand to reimagine the future of food service and food retail to serve the evolving demands of the ~70 million Thai consumers in the next 50 years.

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