How we hire

We seek go-getters who share our vision of being a global food service operator that never compromises on customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing fair treatment, non-discriminatory employment opportunities, and we provide a rewarding career with advancement and self-improvement.

There are 4 steps to our recruitment process:

  1. Apply
    If you have found a role that you are passionate about, reach out to us by applying online.
  2. Profile assessment
    You may have to go through an interview, a case study, and/or psychometric test so we can evaluate your suitability for the role. If you have not heard from us, you are welcome to contact us at +66(0)-2-365-6074 or email
  3. You are hired
    Congratulations! At this step, you have proven that you are suitable for your role with us. You have been selected to embark on a career with one of Thailand’s top companies in the food industry.
  4. Onboarding
    Our onboarding programme will integrate you into our culture and prepare you well for your new role.


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